7 Costly Mistakes When Using Courier Services

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  • Feb 23, 2022
    by Banner_logistic

7 Costly Mistakes When Using Courier Services

Package delivery is crucial in many businesses throughout England. With the increased uptake in online shopping, and UK consumers of today wanting faster deliveries, having a fast delivery service is an advantage.

In this article, we will go through seven common mistakes businesses commit when sending their packages. This article will also tell you tips and strategies to save money (and your business’ reputation) by avoiding these simple mistakes.

Wrong Packaging

A common error on the part of the sender is the wrong choice of packaging. Grabbing whatever vacant box and tossing the items inside without thoroughly securing can do more harm than good.

The type and size of the box you use are directly proportional to the cost of delivery. Too big boxes containing small items mean an additional unnecessary cost for you and the delivery company. Consequently, too small of a box for big items might damage the item during shipment. 

To avoid this, use an appropriate container for the size and type of item you want to ship. Ask the courier service provider about the available boxes and the corresponding size and weight they can carry. It will save you both time and money before sending your parcel.

Budget Considerations

Another common mistake is when the sender is unknowledgeable of the details of the package and terms of delivery. Oftentimes, the sender is surprised by the cost of sending the package if they are not familiar with the final cost of delivery.

To make sure your delivery is on budget, measure the dimensions and weight of the parcel beforehand. Check the website of your same day courier service to see how much it would cost you before you place an order.

You can also contact the courier company to check if a particular service is available. It also helps to be knowledgeable on the discounts and promotions of your delivery provider which can often times save you money. For example: Banner Logistics offers competitive rates for all types (and sizes) of deliveries in UK, and yet, our valued business clients can also enjoy additional discounted rates when they create a business account. Talk to us Call 0121-582-2655 learn more about our same day and multi drop courier service excellence.

Service Mismatch

There are lots of courier services offered today. A lot of options might at first seem nice until it becomes confusing.

Choosing the right service for your parcel is crucial. It means getting the best value for your money for delivery. It also secures your and the receiver’s satisfaction.

Whenever you are dealing with a new courier company, its just wise to read the terms of each delivery option. There are stipulations such as the mileage, weight and dimension limit, and/or delivery date on every option. There may also be a corresponding cost for each specialised service (fragile item shipping, valuables or numismatics, or large pallets with special consignment). Examine which is suited for your logistics needs to guarantee you get the best value for your money.

Once again, Banner Logistics is trusted and established courier company delivering from and to Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Nottingham and other locations throughout United Kingdom.

Inadequate Delivery Information

The incomplete delivery address is the most common mishap in package delivery life cycle. This happens when the sender was not able to fill out the needed information using digital tools or that the logistics provider uses outdated manual order input processes.

Another one is the incorrect contact information for both sender and receiver. Some people due to various reasons forget listing their contact information. This is a problem especially for multi-drop or special request deliveries when the courier may have questions before and during the delivery.

A simple way to avoid this from happening is to carefully read the instructions when filling out the order details. Double-check if the data you have supplied is correct and adequate. Don’t rush. Carelessness could mean extra costs if the package is not delivered right away. You can take advantage of our online booking option by registering yourself and one of our friendly team members will contact you.

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Settling the Schedule

The time and schedule conflict are also one of the major issues in same-day courier services. When you are sending packages, be mindful of the schedule of your delivery.

Courier services vary depending on the service type. Next day or same day couriers for example secures faster outcomes. On the contrary, traditional couriers mean delivery might take longer time to reach its destination.

The time of delivery can make or break your business. If your goods are perishable opting for faster delivery is a must. You also need to consider the office hours or even the lunch break. Re-delivery of packages might mean you incurs additional unnecessary costs for shipment. So when sending a package to offices which close at a certain hour, the time of your delivery should be scheduled accordingly.

In most couriers, having your parcel scheduled to be delivered before lunchtime is better since this gives the courier ample time to prepare and deliver your parcel.

Incomplete Instructions

Since there are many diverse set of couriers for almost all types of products, what most senders fail to take advantage of is giving specific instructions to the courier service provider. Because depending on the shipment type, you can specify directions on where and what time the package must be dispatched and delivered. Couriers can deliver parcels right at the doorstep of the receiver, or even on designated areas that you want them to be delivered. In the case of multi-drop couriers, you can get an item picked up from one location and get the same courier to deliver it elsewhere.

All professional couriers in UK want to give the best service possible and maximise customer satisfaction. So be sure to tell them any additional instructions for the delivery. This will help ensure that the package is sent safe and on time, and the way you want it to be.

Its always better to check and inquire about the service especially when you want to send items regularly. This will allow you to be better informed of which other services are available and the cost associated with your deliveries.

Working With Professional Couriers

As with any business, experienced and courteous staff is crutial for you to have the best possible experience. Experience is critical when it comes to courier companies because having established routes, warehouses and range of vehicles can ensure your items arrive at their destination on time, safely, and also affordably.

Today, since the demand for fast shipment is growing throughout United Kingdom, there are many startup couriers, although this may sound great because competition helps improve service costs and outcomes, when an item arrives (or doesn’t) damaged due to inexperience couriers, this can be a huge headache. That means, always choose a reliable and professional courier company.

For all your same day, multi drop or onboard international courier requirements, trust experience, trust Banner Logistics delivering to and from Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham, Birmingham and other areas throughout UK.

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