Choosing Same Day Couriers Over Other Types of Couriers

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  • Mar 27, 2020
    by Banner_logistic

Choosing Same Day Couriers Over Other Types of Couriers

The demands of online shopping, fast paced businesses, e-commerce and personal needs of most modern-day UK consumers have promulgated in better provision of courier services in which time and speed are the two main factors for great customer service experience. There are considerable advantages to using a courier company that prides itself on the quality of their same-day delivery services.

A Rise In Market Standards

Ever since next day deliveries or same-day deliveries have increased in demand for obvious reasons, each courier has had to raise the bar in order to be competitive enough to succeed according to new market standards and customer demands.

However, this is still not a service that each courier company is able to provide in United Kingdom, especially if they are smaller or new courier companies with limited amount of customer base, and do not have the resources and supply chain contacts to pull it off to be able to called “Same Day Courier Service Provider”. However, smaller sized local couriers may also have set designated areas in which they can provide same-day deliveries with ease.

Faster deliveries have also now become a major requirement of a courier’s portfolio with this being a standard necessity with most UK customers, even if they have not opted specifically for same-day deliveries, UK consumers are accustomed to getting things shipped quicker compared to previous years.

What Same-Day Deliveries Imply

Traditional couriers can take anywhere from 3 to 5 days or more to complete deliveries and while many customers may not have an issue with this time delay, same day couriers that offer competitive rates are a far more desirable option for busy consumers.

Same day courier services are exactly what they appear to be, packages are delivered the same day the order is placed. This is different from next day couriers that still wait more than 24 hours to ship your package.

Beware of the Cut-Off Time

Same day couriers have strict cut-off timings for obvious reasons as the package needs to be processed, shipped and delivered on a stringent schedule. Most same day couriers will cut off taking packages at noon each day so that their drivers can easily process them before the day is out. In some cases, they may also take the package at a later time and promise to deliver it within 24 hours as that still counts as ‘within the day.’ as in 24 hour span.

Regular couriers will typically take packages till 5 pm as the standard working day in UK dictates. Next day couriers or regular ones have considerable leeway in terms of speed and delivery time. It is therefore worthwhile to note that operating a successful same-day courier business in UK is quite a bit more difficult than standard courier service provision as each part of the supply chain has to be optimised and many parts effectively automated.

The collection time is also a prime concern for same day couriers much more than regular couriers as each part of the supply chain culminates in a good customer experience.

Choosing a Same Day Courier Service Provider in UK

At times, shipping rates may be charged bit higher when it comes to same day couriers in UK compared to regular couriers or standard postal services, however, they provide time efficient deliveries, meaning, if time is of essence and you want items shipped & delivered faster, same day couriers are a great choice.

Banner Logistics Same Day Courier Services UK

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