Courier Solutions for Online Businesses

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  • Apr 26, 2022
    by Banner_logistic

Courier Solutions for Online Businesses

As the e-commerce industry is growing exponentially each year in UK, it is also becoming more competitive, it is becoming increasingly important to acquire new customers as well as retain current valued customers in this competitive online business world.

All types of online businesses selling products always seek out new ways for that competitive edge, and one of the key areas one can improve is secure fast deliveries. It is a proven fact that when an eCommerce store offers express same day shipping option during checkout process, sales increase because UK consumers demand faster turnaround times for their online purchases.

Banner Logistics vast experience in UK’s courier industry coupled with our digital experience can be used to improve delivery options for all types of online businesses operating in England. In this article, we’re going so share some insights which we sincerely believe will help online businesses shipping items daily.

Being Transparent

Any company destined for growth needs to be transparent regarding pricing, delivery charges and delivery time. Providing an option for express shipment or same day couriering may not be enough, you also need to specify the time range or the cut-off time by which you will be delivering the parcel. Most UK consumers are willing to pay a little extra for a shorter delivery time for receiving their purchased products, hence there is a need to clearly outline shipping policies on the checkout page itself.

Being clear on your delivery process is critical, if for example a large freight where an item is located in a London warehouse needs to be transported to Leeds will take more than 24 hours to be delivered, then, there is no need to hide this turnaround time on the website. Meaning, when a courier will take longer than expected to deliver parcels, this must be clearly outlined to the customer before they buy items, because promising wrong expectations or introducing hidden charges for shipments will only drive customers away. Being transparent is what builds a trusting long term customer satisfaction.

Create a Good Communication System

This is not a hidden fact that good communication is the key to success. It gives your customers peace of mind when they are clearly communicated on the status of their parcel, even for the non-urgent shipments. Most eCommerce website owners believe that they are limited in terms of options for customer service portals. And yet, there are countless customer support options for online businesses.

Customers should be able to track their parcels and be informed about any delays should issues arise. Providing real-time tracking features helps the customer be at the delivery location in case of a same-day delivery. You should focus on building a system where your customers can track their parcels as well as communicate with your business easily.

Having said this, if you operate an online store in England and need an established courier network partner, you can save time and money by utilising Banner Logistics business account where we offer further discount rates for all our valued business clients.

Understand the Demand

When there are many other companies competing in the same field as your online business, it is important to conduct regular and thorough market research to provide the best possible version of the services you currently offer. For example: just few years ago, same day dispatch and deliveries were not common in United Kingdom, and yet today in 2022, almost all UK consumers shopping online demand faster shipments as they do not want to wait around days for their parcels to arrive.

Since online businesses are using digital tools, automation of certain processes can improve resource allocation. Even a simple FAQ webpage can save time and provide better user experience answering certain questions your customer may pose. Depending on the business, short instructional videos or having user manuals can drastically improve conversion rates.

Understanding User Interaction principles as well as conducting usability tests can allow your company to improve the website user experience. Using digital tools to conduct A/B tests, asking for feedback, understanding customers’ interaction points during checkout process and pro-actively working on improving them is a great way to ensure customer satisfaction.

Simple example we’d like to share is, instead of just having shipping policy page, why not use modal windows to simplify your online shop’s shipping policy during checkout process. Meaning, simplicity is always better when it comes to website user experience, and, better the experience will translate in to higher website conversions.

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Courier Solutions for All Businesses

If you are just starting out in eCommerce business world, don’t be overwhelmed. You’re welcomed to speak with one of our experts when delivering to and from Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol, Birmingham and other locations in UK.

Whether you are looking for B2B courier Birmingham UK, local or interstate courier services in UK for shipping large fragile items, when you need an established courier partner for UK deliveries, Banner Logistics has the dedication, wide range of fleet and services to match.

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