Does Your Online Business Need Same-Day Deliveries?

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  • Mar 18, 2022
    by Banner_logistic

Does Your Online Business Need Same-Day Deliveries?

If you have a growing business operating in UK, or planning to start one, partnering with a reliable and established same-day delivery company can be a smart business decision. Online shopping is now part of our daily lives. In fact, in recent years, uptake of online shopping in UK has drastically increased.

Basically, considerable number of online transactions and purchases are happening every single day. Also, UK consumers of today want to enjoy fast and convenient delivery of what they purchase online.

So, when an online business wants to appear more appealing to their target audience, same-day delivery might be the key to higher sales. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some of the benefits of using same-day courier companies and why your business may need to use one in 2022.

What is Same Day Delivery?

Same-day delivery is a delivery option provided usually by online stores and eCommerce platforms for their customers. It is also one of the most in-demand services of electronic commerce that attracts customers to conduct business through internet.

Same day couriers ensures that the item purchased reaches the customer hours after the purchase is completed. Unlike traditional delivery services which take 2-3 days, the delivery time is faster when it comes to same day dispatch and couriering. It takes several hours to 1 day for the parcel to be delivered to its final destination.

If you are searching for same day couriers to partner with to ship your items, keep in mind that same-day delivery is not a viable option for every type of business. Much is dependent on factors such as proximity, mileage, and even the type of the product to be delivered. You can always call 0121 582 2655 to speak with our expert team to learn more about our solutions.

What Works Best with Same-Day Delivery?

Demand for faster dispatch and deliveries has been popular due to multi-national platforms such as Amazon, eBay and the like whom made next-day deliveries popular. Today, almost all UK retailers are expected to compete with these changing trends. Same-day deliveries are here to stay because it offers better customer experience, as a result this type of service offering is suitable for small, local, or even purely online businesses.

Small online retailers, for example, can now compete by hiring third-party couriers which offer same-day delivery. Also, local bakeshops or flower stores may now offer same-day delivery to their patrons by employing the similar strategy.

For ghost stores (one-man or one-woman online retailers) that do not have physical outlets, hiring same-day couriers is also helpful. It allows these types of retailers conduct business just as they would if they worked out of a brick-and-mortar store.

See? Same day couriering works for almost all types of business. As long as there is a market for a certain product, and demand for fastest possible shipments, same-day delivery becomes a must.

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Why Offer Same-day Couriering Option?

Its proven fact that online retailers offering same day dispatch and express deliveries do better in terms of sales. Let’s see how else it can help attract more customers.

1. Staying on top of the competition

Same-day delivery gives you an edge not only online but also if you are operating a physical store. By providing a same-day delivery option, you’re indirectly ensuring your valued customers as to their importance due to being highly responsive to their deliveries as a business. Which is a big plus.

Customers today want their purchases delivered fast. Also, some purchases might be urgent or needed for an emergency. So, to compete with other retailers offering the same goods, providing a fast and convenient delivery option allows you to compete even with larger businesses in UK.

2. Delivery cost gladly paid by customers

You might think that having same-day courier for your business could be costly. The catch is, this may not be the case at all.

Unlike regular delivery option, which is expected to be free, customers are inclined to pay bit more just to have the option for same-day deliveries. This means your business can charge additional fees for the option to cover the cost of hiring third-party couriers. Basically, customers get same day dispatch, your business caters for their needs without shipment costs being a burden. So, it’s a win win for everyone.

Also, cash on delivery options (COD) is important for certain type of businesses. Having this option is best for customers whom do not have (or want to) pay for items online using their credit card. They can now have their purchases shipped to them immediately and pay the invoice upon receiving their products.

3. Raising margins and conversion rates

Just as you do not like waiting in a long queue just to purchase an item, when a business reduces wait times for orders, and then speeds up delivery times, this helps to ensure better customer experience.

Better the user-experience on a website means higher conversion rates. Many online shoppers visit multiple websites to compare prices and delivery times as well. Having a quicker delivery option against your competitors increases the likelihood of more conversions.

4. Increase customer satisfaction and customers

Of course, one of the main goals of any business is to satisfy their customers. Being a reliable online retailer requires the website to include secure and simple order process, convenient payment options, and express delivery options.

When a business fulfils what was promised and the purchases are delivered safely and on time, customer satisfaction is almost guaranteed. Ideally, successful online retailers do not just want a sale, but rather build a loyal customer base.

5. Establish a territory

Safe and timely delivery of your products to customers is a big deal. It allows future customers to see how wide your reach is. And if you have a strong same-day courier, it could allow you to saturate a certain area of reach.

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You’d be pleased to know that Banner Logistics already has established network serving Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Bristol and other locations throughout United Kingdom.

When you can deliver to more locations quicker, your satisfied customers are then more likely to recommend your business to their friends, family or even neighbours. This could equate to more future purchases and potentially new customers in those particular UK locations.

Important Business Decision

It is not a secret that competition for businesses operating online is rife. You have to outsmart competitors be it online or not. That is why offering what demanding consumers want "same day express delivery option" is just a smart business decision. So, think about it. This important business decision you make today could be the key to your business success in the future.

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