How To Send Fragile Items & Gifts Using Couriers

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  • Jun 2, 2022
    by Banner_logistic

How To Send Fragile Items & Gifts Using Couriers

UK consumers love to shop online, exchange gifts, and celebrate important calendar dates with unique gifts. What good a gift is if not shared with loved ones? When it comes to finding the right courier company to deliver your items, there are important considerations that must be made if you want your fragile gifts to arrive as expected without damage (or being lost in transit).

Types of Items Delivered Using Same-Day Courier Services

Business to Business couriering delivering products from one company to another mainly depends on what the company produces. However, since Banner Logistics cater for all types and sizes of logistics, you’d be surprised to know the type of items we’ve shipped to date. Some we can mention here, and some perhaps left to adults to know.

  • Flowers. Bottle of Wine
  • Baby Care. Home Care
  • Chocolates. Perfumes
  • Glassware. Numismatics
  • Watches (including Smart Watches)

Same-Day Delivery Locations

For time critical deliveries, location will make a huge difference. Traditional courier companies have restriction in terms of picking up and delivering items within a certain time frame. When you want to send fragile gift items quickly, consider the courier company location for faster outcomes.

We here at Banner Logistics have an established courier network system in major cities ‘Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham’ and other locations in Great Britain. Basically, we’ll be at your UK location as soon as you place an order using our online booking system or call 0121 582 2655

Rapid Delivery Options

Ok, since we all lead busy lives, we’re all guilty of forgetting that important day of a loved one or a friend till last moment. Perhaps our loved ones remind us "hey, it was my birthday today" or "what’s today? It’s our anniversary have you forgotten". Even at times like this, you can still salvage the situation using Same-Day Courier Services in UK because we offer variety of different packages and delivery options:

  • Hourly or Same Day Delivery
  • Express Freight
  • Interstate Courier Services
  • Multi-Drop Deliveries

Shipping large fragile items to USA or India? Or something small, Banner Logistics also offers On-Board International Deliveries.

How To Send Fragile Items & Gifts Using Couriers

As far as we’re concerned here at Banner Logistics, gifts are fragile items since they carry love and message of friendship. Ideally, you want the entire process of delivery to be completed safely without damage. As a result, let us inform you about what you should do before you send your fragile items and gifts.

Select a Trusted Courier Company

In this digital era, there are countless courier companies operating in United Kingdom. But as with any service, you really need to choose a trusted, established and reputable courier company.

Basic example we can share with you is "courier’s drivers experience". When it comes to shipping fragile items, even packing the boxes and the order in which items are packed in to the courier van makes a big difference in successful deliveries. There are many turns and bumps along a typical package’s journey through busy UK roads. Furthermore: hiring a reputable courier company also means cheaper rates for you because of their efficient operations.

How to Wrap Fragile Items

Ideally, your aim is to ensure no empty space is left within the package. Bubble wrapper works great for most gift items such as mobile phones, smart watches, necklace and earrings, you can even insert fragile items inside a sock and then wrap it. If there are any sticky points (handles, sharp edges etc.) wrap them carefully and separately to reduce the chances of accidental damage.

When you are packing small fragile gifts and items that has glass (mobile phone or a watch), consider using tape as well to secure the item tightly after you’ve wrapped it using bubble wrap for packaging.

Pack Small Gifts in Their Original Box

Whenever possible, use the original box when packing small items such as a watch, game console, or the latest iPad or iPhone. Gently open the original box and secure the item within it using soft padding. What if the original box is not available? Then, consider using another cardboard box.

Double the Protection When Packing Fragile Items

It is not wise to rely on wrapping fragile gifts in their original box alone. Being careful wrapping the item with bubble wrap tightly is surely a must, but what if you can have double the protection and avoid potential damage.

box inside a box

Especially when you are sending highly valuable items, here’s a tip by Banner Logistics couriers, use 2 boxes one being slightly bigger than the original box. Basically, you wrap the item in original box securely. Then, place it inside another (slightly bigger sized) box and place soft cushioning around it to secure the original box in place tightly.

Think of it this as double the protection for fragile items, because wrapping fragile items using method adds an additional layer of cushioning to protect your item even further for transporting.

Whenever you’re sending gifts and fragile items using a courier company, do your best when packing gifts before courier arrives at your location. Looking for same day courier solutions for sending fragile items to or from Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham, Birmingham UK? Banner Logistics couriers is here to help.

Customer Service

Packing fragile goods and arranging pickup of such items is straightforward process using our solutions. Banner Logistics is created with a belief that ‘service means everything’. From the day to day demands of urgent same day couriers for all sizes of goods.

We operate 24/7 365 and provide individuals and companies with the full range of transport, courier and logistics services, having small vans up to large lorries means that your courier needs will be met appropriately at most competitive rates anywhere in England.

Simply get in touch with Banner Logistics for same day couriering of fragile items throughout England United Kingdom.

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