Shipping Valuable and Fragile Goods

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  • Mar 27, 2020
    by Banner_logistic

Shipping Valuable and Fragile Goods

A common question among customers who want to engage in same-day courier services, is how well extremely fragile items or valuable shipments will be handled. If you choose well, the courier will ideally be very careful and prompt and will also offer home pick up specialty services for shipments that are highly fragile and need to be packed a certain way before being put in a courier vehicle.

These services are also particularly important for small or large UK businesses that use same-day couriers for items such as paintings, perfumes or delicate hand-made items. That being said, there are many techniques that same-day couriers and conventional couriers both use to make sure fragile items are not damaged or broken in any way in transit.

Foam Peanuts and Protective Elements

Adding strips of paper to fill the empty spaces inside a cardboard outer cover or foam peanuts is a way to prevent the item from hitting needlessly on the sides of the outer container. Lots of items get damaged in transit because of impact or because boxes are always moved from one place to another when inside a van or on a bike.

These polystyrene foam and other protective items or fillers can prevent breakage on many levels. Bubble wrap also offer the same benefit and same-day couriers are very particular about packing fragile items as each package may change several hands depending on distance over a period of few hours.

These packing tips are fairly standard for crockery, glass vases, electronic devices or any fragile item/s. Many people may purposely have their packages labeled fragile even when they do not strictly fall in that range simply to protect against the likelihood of mishandling which to some extent applies to all courier services regardless of the price range of service for delivering specialty items such as the ones labelled fragile.

Above all else, experienced same day courier companies will have in place unique methods of packing vehicles so that items won’t get damaged in transit. For example: empty boxes or different sized soft items which are placed in between other boxes (parcels) to be delivered (this is different compared to packaging the fragile item itself).

Numbering and Marking Fragile Items

The same-day courier will mark fragile packages with appropriate well visible labels, also with special numbering especially if the items will change hands several times before reaching their final destination. Numbering is also important for fragile items such as a tea sets which comprises of many separate components and this helps no individual item to be misplaced.

Dedicated Courier Vehicles

Same-day couriers can deal with a wide variety of deliveries such as On Board Courier Services, multi drop deliveries, delivering all sorts of items including vehicles, or small items such as birthday cakes or presents. In these cases, it is very hard to prevent the item from getting squished or damaged beyond repair. While special packaging is needed, many experienced reputable same-day couriers like Banner Logistics have dedicated wide range of vehicles. Our large range of logistics vehicles ensures your items are shipped properly regardless of their size or quantity.

Inquire About the Courier Company Beforehand

When you want fast same-day delivery for your parcels, it is best to do your research so that you can choose a reputable UK same day couriers. Checking if your same-day courier offers insurance on deliveries as well as for their employees is also a step closer to making sure you have opted for the right one. Typically, newer more budget-friendly same-day couriers in UK may skip on insurance, which could cost heavily for the safely of your fragile items to be delivered to their destination.

Banner Logistics Same Day Courier Services UK

Get in touch with Banner Logistics, UK’s leading courier services provider where service means everything. We provide companies in UK with full range of courier services. Our large range of logistics vehicles ensures your items are shipped properly regardless of their size or quantity. Looking for on board courier services, or multi-drop deliveries, or even tailored solutions? Talk with us as we are sure to find the right solution according to your specific shipment requirements.

Whether you are a small sole traders or well established large UK company, you’ll appreciate Banner Logistics industry experience and difference such as our pioneering online booking system, and discounted rates that is designed to put you in control of your business. All our valued customers enjoy many additional benefits, including discounted rates and credit facilities as well. Contact us for exceptional same day courier service.


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