Sustainable Packaging for ECommerce Businesses

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  • Apr 26, 2022
    by Banner_logistic

Sustainable Packaging for ECommerce Businesses

As you would agree that sustainable packaging is an important topic when it comes to the well-being of our planet. And since eCommerce business world is growing exponentially, more and more UK businesses are looking at better ways to reduce their environmental footprint, especially when concerned UK consumers wanting to contribute towards helping our climate.

It is no doubt important to consider sustainable practices that meet the expectations of the well-informed shopper, be it in online business scene where items are shipped daily to Birmingham, or whether it is brick and mortar logistic business delivering large pallets throughout United Kingdom. But what exactly does sustainable packaging mean?

There are countless number of products being delivered right now, hundreds of couriers buzzing around UK busy roads all carrying items wrapped in some sort of package. Sustainable packaging means using materials with low carbon footprint which then reduces environmental impact. Sustainable packaging options help reduce unneeded waste by using fewer materials in production, as well as using better (recycled) materials which further reduces carbon emissions.

Below we’re going to talk about different ways sustainable packaging can impact an E-commerce business operating throughout Great Britain.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

More and more people are getting involved in recycling at home, which has driven expectations up for businesses that ship direct-to-consumer. The opportunity now exists for UK companies that demonstrate social responsibility in this area to win the hearts and minds of environmentally conscious consumers.

Additionally, in today’s competitive online retail world 80% of consumers say they are likely to switch retailers based on how well a company protects the environment, according to latest Nielson Research. As a result, businesses that choose sustainable packaging options are seeing increases in customer satisfaction due to the positive impact on the environment.

Many people now expect companies to be as environmentally conscious as they are, and so those who do not keep up with this changing expectation will quickly see their customers defecting to brands who do.

Promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

By choosing sustainable packaging options, companies are helping their business grow and become more socially responsible. In addition, by demonstrating an investment in the environment by using sustainable packaging, businesses have the opportunity to connect with a new audience and gain a whole host of unique benefits that can positively impact their business.

According to Nielsen Research, it is happening now, with over half of consumers (58%) actively seek to purchase from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact. As a result, it has become essential for businesses that want their voice heard amongst the growing number of brands competing on CSR to demonstrate this at every opportunity they get.

Reduce Costs and Stay Competitive

Businesses across all sectors are now carefully considering their environmental impact. Mind you, not just in England but everywhere globally. Most small business owners are also taking action, meaning, it is not just traditional retailers seeing the benefits of sustainable packaging options. The food and beverage sector for example has seen a massive increase in eco-friendly alternatives as companies realise they too must adapt to meet todays’ customers’ demands.

Majority of respondents recently surveyed say that sustainable packaging now needs to form part of all food and drink packaging as they shop for daily groceries.

Shift towards environmentally friendly packaging has had a significant impact on the bottom line for many companies who have made these changes. One case study reported that switching to environmentally friendly alternatives resulted in an 812% return on investment. That means, when once it was considered as an expensive option to ensure better packaging, now is seen as a smart business investment.

In addition, by choosing sustainable packaging over the traditional options, companies are also supporting the planet by using renewable options instead of fossil fuel materials.

Improve Product Integrity

Many factors can affect the integrity of products for safe arrival of deliveries, factors such as temperature fluctuations, vibrations, and shock during transportation. Sustainable packaging is designed to combat these issues by being more resilient than traditional packaging options. We know this because Banner Logistics ships items daily through our interstate courier services or local courier services shipping large fragile items daily to and from Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham and Nottingham.

As a result, businesses benefit from improved product protection which helps increase customer trust in the brand. After all, nobody wants to see their purchases arrive in damaged conditions.

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Business Growth & Positive Impact

The implementation of sustainable packaging is not just about addressing social responsibility concerns or reducing costs, it is an opportunity for business growth. By choosing better packaging options, UK companies are given a chance to connect with a new potential customer through promotional advantage that comes with environmentally responsible business practices.

Avoiding depletion of natural resources enables businesses to create brand advocates who stay loyal and act as an ambassador for the company by sharing their positive experiences on social media. In addition, by taking steps to reduce environmental impact, recycle and demonstrating this commitment on the product label, businesses can automatically generate brand awareness.

UK consumers in 2022 want to support companies that align with their beliefs and values. This is clearly evident online where influencers are followed daily on social media platforms, particularly true for our younger generation who are fast becoming a force to be listened to, and catered for due to their online spending power. Well educated and focused on ethical ways to live, when businesses offer sustainable packaging, a more positive perception of the company is ensured driving sales further while supporting our fragile environment.

Choose Better. Choose Responsible

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