Tips for Saving Money on Courier Services

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  • Dec 26, 2019
    by Banner_logistic

Tips for Saving Money on Courier Services

Even if you are not running a business that requires shipments and packages to be delivered regularly, courier services are needed for any number of reasons during the course of the year. There are some ways to save money on each package you send, and if you are required to send many (such as for business purposes or during the holidays or peak seasons), you can save significant amount of money £££ by bearing the following golden rules in mind.

Post It Using The Post Office

Courier services have flourished in the last decade with UK’s online shopping boom, and almost everyone has now access to a local Birmingham courier whom offers a wide range of shipping options and shipment rates. However, some parcels may be cheaper if they are mailed through the post office in your area as opposed to using a courier company.

The way to decide whether to splurge a little extra is the weight of your parcel. It is generally cheaper to courier parcels that weigh more than half or 1 kg (but for all your one off smaller parcels to be delivered around local areas (e.g Bristol, Manchester, Northampton, Nottingham), you can easily post them. The second factor that goes into this decision is the time frame you are working with, as in, how fast you want your parcel to be delivered. Post office deliveries are standardised and therefore slower in arrival times, and for matters of great urgency, it is better to use a same day courier service.

Using Affordable SameDay Urgent Couriers

Since we are all living in busy modern times, wanting items to be shipped and delivered quickly is not a luxury but a necessity. Hence in recent times there has been a huge demand for overnight or sameday couriers in UK. Banner Logistics specialise in budget-friendly and fast courier service handling logistics throughout England and the globe. Unlike some other courier companies in UK, Banner Logistics can also tailor solutions according to your specific needs, as a result your business can save great amount of money when you choose Banner Logistics.

Caring About Packaging

Packaging is an underrated aspect of cutting costs, most people do not know that if they package a parcel incorrectly it adds to the weight and subsequently ends up costing more to deliver. You also need to check with international regulations about which products that can be sent, otherwise, they will be returned often (usually damaged) and you will lose both the shipping charge and the value of the item itself.

Furthermore, use bubble wrap and other safety packing material to protect your parcel as it changes many hands on the way to its final destination. And your parcel can still get damaged even if it is labelled as ‘Fragile’. Also, make sure you fill out and keep valid delivery forms in case you need it for various reasons including to make a compensation claim later on or need it for tax filing (or for Tax Returns usually for shipments for business purposes).

In Case of Lost Items

In most cases, other courier service providers may not recoup your losses if they themselves lose a parcel. This is why it is essential to read through all you can about terms and conditions and also other customer’s experiences with the specific courier company you are thinking of using. It should be a reliable company that can vouch for the quality of its services and should not be one that can go out of business at any given point in time (such companies exist).

Once again, you’ll enjoy working with Banner Logistics because you’ll be relying on our 25+ years of logistics and courier experience serving our valued UK customers.

Courier Service Delivering More Than Parcels

Get in touch with Banner Logistics, UK’s leading courier services provider where service means everything. We provide companies in UK with full range of courier services. Our range of logistics vehicles ensures your items are shipped properly regardless of their size or quantity. Looking for on board courier services, or multi-drop deliveries, or even tailored solutions? Talk with us as we are sure to find the right solution according to your specific shipment requirements.

Whether you are a small sole traders or well established large UK company, you’ll appreciate Banner Logistics industry experience and difference such as our pioneering online booking system, and discounted rates that is designed to put you in control of your business. All our valued customers enjoy many additional benefits, including discounted rates and credit facilities as well. Contact us for exceptional courier service.

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