How To Pick a Courier Service For Business Deliveries

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  • Dec 25, 2019
    by Banner_logistic

How To Pick a Courier Service For Business Deliveries

When someone is operating an online store, or is shipping products from a brick and mortar store to clients, or need shipping facilities for any other commercial purpose, it is extremely vital to choose the right UK courier company. Because not all courier companies in UK are the same, while some are better for speciality services such as extremely fragile shipments for those antiques, crystals, artwork, others such as Banner Logistics are perfect service provider offering sameday courier services for urgent shipments that are time critical.

Always Do Your Initial Research of The Courier Company

For example: although we aren’t about UK politics, left or right, just as you wouldn’t vote for the prime minister of the United Kingdom Borris Johnson unless you knew the current policies of the UK Conservative Party. It is therefore very important to take the time to determine your actual needs which depend on the nature of your particular business. If you ship everything from tweezers to televisions, perhaps you require an older, established company that knows what it is doing but one that has a reputation for caring about clients. Another example, if you have a small online store to sell handmade goods, you can definitely save money and opt for a smaller courier service should you so choose.

Oftentimes, however, larger courier services may provide budget packages but this needs to be balanced with the quality of the service itself because as we know that there are many touch-points within a courier life cycle, especially for  time-critical shipments.

Prioritising Customer Service

This might seem like a small or insignificant component of the entire process on the offset, but positive customer reviews build up over time and create a good brand image for the business. A courier service that promptly responds to calls and offers various services such as online (real-time) package status monitoring, and options for Multi-Drop delivery coupled with fast booking process will contribute greatly toward better customer service experience.

Choose a Same Day Courier Company According to Your Specific Needs

As mentioned earlier, knowing the special needs of your business deliveries such as care for extremely fragile valuable items and urgent delivery of shipments before you choose a courier service will only translate in-to successful and cost-effective deliveries. In some cases, shipments of items such as jewelry or others need special license and protection (or even custom clearance for overseas shipments) and thus you need to look into same day courier service provider which can provide complete holistic logistics experience. In such cases, although budgeting is always important for all types businesses, initial cost of deliveries may outweigh final service fees. That is why, reputable same-day courier service provider with transparent pricing is a must to consider. By opening a Business Account with Banner Logistics, our customers enjoy many additional benefits, including discounted rates and credit facilities.

Big or Small May Not Be Good Enough

All businesses big or small remember the initial phase of going in to business where customer service, successful deliveries, and competitive rates for shipments was the number one priority. However, often times, the larger a courier business gets, their processes are optimised in many ways and may also be automated such as updates, communication or warehouse automation, they still might lose out due to the sheer volume of deliveries they have to process. Furthermore, the larger a service gets, the keener they become to cut corners and introduce stricter budgets to enhance the profit margin.

On the other hand, a courier service that is still considered small may just not have the operating infrastructure and a larger company may not provide the personalised attention. You will need to weigh the pros and cons and decide on a courier service that is locally accessible but also has a global reach for all types of deliveries.

Online Booking System & Discounted Rates with Additional Benefits

Enjoy flawless and cost-effective shipments with Banner Logistics, UK’s leading courier services provider where service means everything. From the day to day demands of urgent same day couriers for all sizes of goods. Operating 24/7 365 we provide UK companies with the full range of transport and logistics services. Our logistic vehicles range from small vans up to Artics which are able to carry up to 26 standard UK pallets (with Payload of up to 26,000 kg).

Whether you are a small sole traders or UK’s blue chip company, you’ll appreciate Banner Logistics difference with our pioneering online booking system that is designed to put you in control of your business. All our valued customers enjoy many additional benefits, including discounted rates and credit facilities as well. Contact us for exceptional courier service.

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