Same Day Courier Services for Delivering Fragile Goods

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  • Mar 27, 2020
    by Banner_logistic

Same Day Courier Services for Delivering Fragile Goods

Any customer’s first concern is the safety of the goods they are shipping and this applies equally to regardless of where in United Kingdom you want are shipping items to. If the goods are significantly valuable and fragile, the concern does naturally increase for consumers, and same-day couriers might be uniquely positioned to offer better guarantees of safety and time frame for deliveries.

It makes logical sense that if a package must be shipped within the same working day there are fewer chances of it getting damaged or broken during transit. People shipping the package as well as those receiving it can also rest assured that the time period that the parcel is at risk is shorter due to the experience of a sameday courier company in UK.

Parcel Pick Up Options

Most good sameday courier services, as well as regular couriers on occasion, will offer to pick up the parcel from your specified England location. If you are shipping something particularly valuable such as an art piece or an ornament, you may not want to cart it around from one place to another, this is why it is expedient to have your chosen courier pick it up.

Furthermore, same-day couriers especially if you invest in a more established one like Banner Logistics have trained personnel that can deal with very fragile and valuable goods with ease. Our company also offers wide range of solutions including on board courier services, or multi-drop deliveries, or even tailored solutions. This not only can include handling the item but also packaging, labeling and successful delivering.

It is better to reconsider your courier if they are packaging your fragile item incorrectly such as not using bubble wrap, packing foam peanuts and or other specialised elements that protect against breakage or impact damage.

Track It, Don’t Lose It

Virtually most same-day couriers do provide online tracking so you know exactly where your package is at all times. It is worthwhile to note that there are negligible chances of theft from a courier vehicle but it is best to choose a company that is registered, insured and professional.

Depending on your requirements, exceptional courier company such as Banner Logistics can cater for your specific requirements, for example, you as the customer may want to have two people delivering a package instead of one which adds not just to the safety factor but also to the overall safety of your package.

If there is any discrepancy appearing in the online tracking or in the location of the parcel, reputable same day courier service providers will have very active customer service support to assist you quicker.

Proof of Delivery Courier Software

Proof of Delivery is a document that is vital for same-day couriers as well as other type of courier services as it is a great way to ensure that the package has arrived safely in the right hands. This applies to both an online printable receipt as well as a ready document that is handed over to the customer with a copy kept for record purposes with the driver. Better yet, UK courier companies using Delivery Master courier software can also offer you range of technological benefits such as POD using a software.

Dedicated Wide Range of Vehicles

Good, reputable UK same-day couriers typically have wide range of dedicated courier vehicles for different types of deliveries such as 18t Vehicle, Small Van, or even Artic able to carry up to 26 standard UK pallets Total Payload 26,000 kg. This is why smaller courier companies in UK are usually not able to provide the required service. Typically, same-day courier services means to have the ability to ship your items from point A to point B within short period of time.

Banner Logistics Same Day Courier Services UK

Get in touch with Banner Logistics, UK’s leading courier services provider where service means everything. We provide companies in UK with full range of same day courier services. Our large range of logistics vehicles ensures your items are shipped properly regardless of their size or quantity. Looking for on board courier services, or multi-drop deliveries, or even tailored solutions? Talk with us as we are sure to find the right solution according to your specific shipment requirements.

Whether you are a small sole traders or well established large UK company, you’ll appreciate Banner Logistics industry experience and difference such as our pioneering online booking system, and discounted rates that is designed to put you in control of your business. All our valued customers enjoy many additional benefits, including discounted rates and credit facilities as well. Contact us for exceptional same day courier service.

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