What is Multi-Drop Couriering?

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  • Jun 2, 2022
    by Banner_logistic

What is Multi-Drop Couriering?

When it comes to logistics, multi-drop is consolidation of multiple delivery booking orders into a single one. Basically, rather than 5 different couriers picking up packages, just one courier picks up all the packages and delivers it accordingly.

There are many situations in which multi-drop couriers are needed. For example: when moving house, homeowners may need to store some items in storage space while some furniture need to be picked up from multiple locations. You may need to get a specific gift picked up from London England and get it delivered to Birmingham or other cities in UK. In case of businesses to business deliveries, you may need to send many products to multiple locations.

There are many different types of courier companies operating throughout United Kingdom, the best way to deliver items to multiple locations is by choosing Banner Logistics as we specialise in same day as well as multi-drop couriering solutions. That means, when you are looking for multi-drop deliveries to and from Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham or elsewhere in UK, simply contact Banner Logistics.

Benefits of Multi-Drop Couriering for Businesses

Multi-drop couriers are beneficial for various reasons for diverse type of businesses needing regular shipping to multiple destinations. Here are the common reasons to choose multi drop courier service:

  • Time – As a business owner, you no longer need to waste time sorting or working out what routes to travel on. Furthermore, you won’t have to hire different courier companies because some won’t deliver to your chosen destination.
  • Money – As a sender, you will pay one price for the entire delivery instead of paying more to different couriers. Also, multi-drop couriers such as Banner Logistics offer you as our valued client discounted rates for regular shipments through your new business account.
  • Reputation – If you are a business owner, then, you already know the importance of delivering great customer service. Especially true for urgent deliveries, when deliveries are completed on time, your company’s reputation is maintained. Contact Banner Logistics we’re here to help.
  • You no longer need to worry about minimum number of orders to be shipped.
  • Multi-drop delivery route is taken care of by our expert team and courier drivers using state of the art Fleet Tracking technology ensuring we deliver your items by following the best possible routes. This ensures your deliveries are handled efficiently and on time be it at busy peak hour morning traffic or anytime you need multi-drop courier services in Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham or elsewhere in England.
  • At times, businesses need different sized parcels shipped. Once again, you need not worry because we have wide range of vehicles (small van for small items, Luton vans, or Artic able to carry up to 26 standard UK pallets). We handle all types and sizes of freight with care, large small or fragile items, we’ll deliver it safely.

Trusted Courier and Logistics Services

Banner Logistics is your new trusted multi-drop same day courier service in England. Having an established courier network, pick up / drop off locations and warehouses in Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol, Birmingham Great Britain, you can ship and track domestic and international deliveries with confidence using our affordable multi-drop, onboard international and same day couriering solutions.

We are your go-to company when you need something sent, shipped or delivered. Our courteous team has over 26+ years of experience delivering exceptional courier service and unbeatable prices for all types of logistics throughout UK and beyond.

Contact Us for Multi-Drop Deliveries in UK

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