The Past and The Future of Delivery in United Kingdom

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  • Nov 19, 2021
    by Banner_logistic

The Past and The Future of Delivery in United Kingdom

Have you ever seen a movie where the Messenger who arrived with his horse cautiously approaches the King with a message from his own kingdom. Although "no one loves the messenger who brings bad news" even the army generals were not allowed to harm the messenger (agreed upon rule).

Did you know that couriers is one of the oldest services dating back as far as 400 BC? Yep, long time ago indeed. But let us fast forward to year 2022 to courier service industry in United Kingdom. Today, UK consumers have the option for getting their shipments using SAME DAY courier services.

Entire UK courier service industry has really taken on board the ever changing advancements in technology and thus became sophisticated over time. The industry has evolved from being a form of message exchange to the delivery of packages globally.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic that has particularly affected UK in so many ways, same-day courier service became a go-to option that not many people knew existed before. With all the lockdowns and restrictions on travel, home delivery services now have became as important as essential services (hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, our police force etc.). In fact, with same-day courier vans whizzing around Nottingham, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham England its hard not to notice their importance.

It wasn’t until around early 2000s that same-day courier companies started to compete with traditional courier service providers throughout United Kingdom. Today, overnight, next day and same day couriers continue to shape the future of delivery in UK. Here are some of the reasons why

Online Purchase is Increasing

The digitisation of markets is no longer science fiction. We can now buy whatever we want whenever we want by just using our laptop and or smartphone. With just few clicks we can compare prices, add to cart items of interest, and securely purchase products and get them delivered straight to our homes.

In 2020 e-commerce sales accounted for 32.5% of all retail sales in the Untied Kingdom (UK) and this growth rate is estimated to reach 38.1% of total retail sales in Untied Kingdom by the year 2025. All these transactions between retailers and shoppers occurring online requires either overnight and fast same day deliveries to bridge the gap.

Today, even average day to day grocery shopping can be performed online, with one tap on your smartphone, the goods are delivered right away ready for dinner.

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Convenience is Priceless

Customer satisfaction is the driving force for all types of successful businesses, in fact, Banner Logistics thrives on providing exceptional customer service when you hire any of our same day, multi drop or international onboard courier solutions. In today’s competitive service market, those who provide better customer service experience win.

According to changing consumer behaviour, today, UK consumers are willing to pay more £ as long as they have the convenience of same-day dispatch of their products. Whether you operate a retail business needing door-to-door deliveries, or you own a UK business needing business 2 business couriers for reliable outcomes. Banner Logistics can help delivering your parcels same day to and from Birmingham, Nottingham, Bristol, Manchester, and rest of England 0121 582 2655

Real-time Tracking

Most of us like to have the ability to know where our products are in the delivery cycle, as a result, courier companies using GPS technology offer real-time parcel tracking so that you can see exactly where and how close your items are to arrive.

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Parcel tracking usually is available through various option such as SMS text messages, using mobile apps and websites. But do keep in mind that only modern same day courier businesses such as Banner Logistics focused on providing better services offers tracking capabilities.

UK Services Industry is Changing and Evolving

Automation is the next big thing, we can see it everywhere. Even simple things such as paying for our groceries can be done without a human cashier. Whether you or I resist these changes, or we choose to go the old fashion way wanting a real human serving us at our local supermarket, automation and these supple changes are here to stay because many British people find ’em of use and convenient.

Delivery drones? Yep, that may be nearer than expected. Test runs on delivery drones are being investigated by several UK companies. Tendency to look for ways to improve the speed and efficiency of deliveries and also to overcome traffic challenges, one study has found out that drones would be an effective option for same-day delivery if used with courier vehicles.

Although it currently is not a feasible investment to use drones for deliveries it may just as well be in the near future. Perhaps at that stage even the term ‘same day couriers’ will change to become ‘today couriers’.

Thoughts on Same Day Deliveries?

Back up a bit and really consider courier service industry within United Kingdom, would you agree that it actually does offer convenience over traditional courier services. How about businesses or medical industry needing time critical shipments, can they survive without the use of same day couriers?

Many of our valued clients are surprised to find out that same day logistics aren’t expensive compared to slower ways of transport. In fact, service rate for shipments are actually going down as more and more UK consumers are choosing express deliveries for their parcels. It is a win-win situation for all whom are concerned. Keep in mind, Banner Logistics offers cost-effective and superfast shipments to and from

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