Best Is Not Just a Word

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  • Aug 2, 2022
    by Banner_logistic

Best Is Not Just a Word

When it comes to freight, transport or logistics business operating in UK, there are plenty of choices in 2022. Simple Google search reveals countless courier companies eager to win your business. There are established ones like Banner Logistics and then there are fly-by-night operators promising cheap courier solution. And yet, when it comes to delivering the actual service, most of these unprofessional couriers can’t handle the load causing more of a headache with delayed or lost packages.

Having a peace of mind knowing that parcels placed with Banner Logistics will reach their destination in a timely and secure manner can assure business owners a steady growth due to reliable business to business deliveries.

Transparent Process

Knowing exactly when the packages will arrive as well as the cost of the entire courier process is an ingredient a reputable UK courier companies possess. Since Banner Logistics is built on the experienced shoulders of courier logistics experts means that the software and technology that drives our daily operations are highly efficient and able to connect your orders with the quickest couriers along our delivery network. This means, you’ll be able to see in real-time the whereabouts of packages, and how long before the items arrive at their final destination.

We also understand that not all valued clients need deliveries made on the same day, at times, particularly our valued business clients want pickup and deliveries on certain days. For example: 6 pallets of packed boxes picked up every Monday from Manchester and transported to Birmingham West Midlands, or when you require multi-drop couriers (as in pickup from Manchester location and drop-off to Birmingham and Bristol) we can handle it.

With Banner Logistics you can get items dispatched and delivered according to your wants and needs for all deliveries to and from Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Nottingham and other UK locations.

Oh’ did we mention that we come to your door for collection usually within 60 minutes (often times even quicker) and also offer nationwide deliveries. Contact us to learn more about the benefits you’ll get choosing your new trusted long term courier partner Banner Logistics.

Best Isn’t Just a Word

Most courier companies claim to offer the best service, best prices and best outcomes. Unfortunately, even the smartest business owner can make an honest mistake when choosing a courier partner due to many factors one being making decision in a hurry due to time constraints.

Honestly, we too dislike a smart alec companies making empty unproven claims such as we are the best etc. As far as we’re concerned, when delivering for our valued clients, service means everything. Each day we work efficiently and honestly to fulfil our promise ‘provide great service’. That’s our starting point. Basically, unlike other courier companies, we actually listen to our valued client’s specific business shipping requirements and can tailor a customised logistic solutions accordingly. Once again, best courier service isn’t just a word, but rather a dynamic and continual process for best customer service experience.

Need for Speed

Our couriers aren’t anything like drivers in Fast & Furious movie, and yet, when you or your business needs urgent deliveries, our same-day and multi-drop couriers are the fastest solution delivering quickly each and every day throughout Bristol, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham England.

speed meter courier fleet on top of Map of UK Birmingham

Using large or small courier fleet according to specific load requirements ensures you pay less per-delivery. This means, when it comes to fast and secure freight to Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and Nottingham, we got you covered ensuring packages arrive on the same-day and affordably.

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