Common Courier Service Myths

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  • Feb 23, 2022
    by Banner_logistic

Common Courier Service Myths

Today due to our interconnected economy, more and more specialised logistics services are coming on to the transportation market in UK. Today, you can order an item online or in a retail store and get it dispatched and delivered within hours.

Most modern same day courier companies like Banner Logistics are able to offer lighting fast deliveries due to the use technology, established warehouses and routes. And yet, most UK consumers still have misconception about courier businesses. This blog post will highlight the most common myths about couriers services in United Kingdom.

Courier Prices are All the Same

False: Courier prices are not standardised for several reasons. Different factors go into pricing, such as insurance coverage, guarantee period, and order deadlines. One company may offer cheaper rates, but it could have a very short guarantee window or little to no insurer support in case something goes wrong. Make sure to compare a few companies before making your decision.

But to skip the queue, simply hire Banner Logistics delivering to and from Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Bristol and other locations throughout England United Kingdom.

Same-Day Courier Companies are More Expensive

False: This partly depends on the company you choose to work with, but in general, service providers specialising in next or same day shipments are not more expensive. Many times, they are actually cheaper than the alternative courier companies. For example, if you need an urgent package delivered the same day, you may have to hire a specialised transport company that flies packages across UK, and since they are not common carriers, their prices will be much higher than what you would pay for your average same-day courier services.

However, premium couriers are an exception to this rule. These are companies that offer a white-glove service, which means they will take extra care of your package, and may even deliver it according to specific instructions (for example: pick up and deliver the gift and then the fresh flowers and hug my mom for mother’s day when you deliver it). While their prices are higher than the average couriers, their unique service is worth it when you want to ensure packages arrive fast with a personalised flavour.

You Must Be Present to Sign for a Package

False: Most courier companies have the option for you to choose to have your package placed near the door if you are not available to sign for it. In some cases, they may even leave it with a neighbour. As long as you provide correct delivery information with special instructions.

Courier Services are Only for Businesses

False: While business to business deliveries may make up the majority of courier service users, this does not mean that they are the only ones who can benefit from them. Many individuals use couriers for personal reasons. For example, if you need to send a gift to someone and do not want it to arrive late, a courier company is your best option. Banner Logistics is well established same day couriers for Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol and other UK locations.

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Same Day Courier Services are Only for Urgent Packages

False: While it is true that same-day courier companies are often used for urgent deliveries (hence the name same day), this is not always the case. There are many situations where using a courier is a better option than using other forms of logistics. For example, if you need to send a valuable package, you should use a courier. This will help to ensure your package arrives safely in perfect condition without any damage or risk of loss.

Same Day Deliveries Only Work for Large Packages

False: Just like overnight couriers, same-day couriers can handle all different sizes and shapes of packages. Their ability to handle a wide variety of shipments on time makes them an ideal choice regardless of the package size. Having said this, not all same day couriers can handle diverse loads. Rest assured, Banner Logistics has the team and vehicles that can handle small shipments, or even carry up to 26 standard UK pallets (Total Payload 26,000kg).

Self-Delivery is Faster and More Reliable than Same-Day Couriers

False: Couriers can offer faster outcomes since they use established routes and they have a wealth of experience handling many different sized shipments. For example: the fridge you liked and bought at the local store may not easily fit through the front door, and you may face difficulty if you delivered the item yourself. This means that you can expect your shipment to arrive on time and also carried wherever you need the unpack the item. In addition, most modern courier services such as Banner Logistics offers an easy-to-use tracking option that provides updates to give you peace of mind.

Trust Experience Trust Banner Logistics

Now that you know the truth behind common courier service myths, you can now make an informed decision about your next shipment needs. Whether you need to transport a small item, or whether you want a reliable courier service for your business deliveries. You can rest assured while Banner Logistics couriers takes care of sending your package across England UK.

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