On-Board Courier Service

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  • Jul 20, 2022
    by Banner_logistic

On-Board Courier Service

All business owners know that there will come a time when there is an urgent need for a reliable courier partner who you could entrust your parcels with.

You may think “well, don’t all couriers do that, deliver packages” and the answer is Yes but No. No in a sense that right now, there is a courier holding on to a damaged box unsure what to do. We say this because we want you to understand that there is a world of difference between a courier company, and reliable courier company.

When you or your business requires items delivered to and from Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol or elsewhere in Great Britain, you too can trust Banner Logistics reliable same day couriers.

In this blog post we’re going to share insights regarding onboard courier services.

What is On-Board Courier Service

This is when a courier company delivers your parcel within specified time frame to a specified destination in the world. On-Board Courier (OBC) services handle often times challenging custom clearances so that your cargo arrives at the designated destination without delay.

When you need to urgently transport large fragile items, antiques, gifts, or anything else, highly trained professional on-board couriers handle your parcel with utmost care.

The cost of using on-board courier service compared to local or interstate couriers will be extra for obvious reasons.

On-Board International Couriering

When one of valued customer reaches out to Banner Logistics for time critical international delivery using our On-Board hand carry service, we first work out the fastest route and determine the best flight plans so that the package arrives safely but rapidly. Since we also provide same-day express courier solutions, we are able collect packages lightning fast particularly if you reside in Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol, Birmingham England.

Basically, if your time-critical package (perhaps a mother’s day gift or a message in a bottle) requires us to find the safest and fastest route, we’ll deliver it. Banner Logistics is UK’s trusted logistic solutions provider for local, interstate and international courier services.

When On-Board Couriers are More Suitable

Want us to come to your business premise or home in Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Bristol usually within 60 minutes? Checked ✓ Because there could very well be times when you need to book same day couriers or on-board international deliveries. So let’s look at some scenarios when fast courier service is the best option.

Urgent deliveries. When a sender needs to ship an item urgently, although bit more pricey compared to other forms of transport including sea-freight, on-board courier service is no doubt one of the best and fastest option to ship items internationally.

High valued items. Be it numismatics, important documents, product samples, or just a special gift to a loved one. When the word protection and security is important, on-board international courier service provides a great way to get the task done.

Secure deliveries. When an on-board courier personally checks in into a flight with your parcel, it is surely going to be much more secure than other delivery options. Your parcel always remains in our trusted couriers possession and thus there is minimal chance for damage, tamper or theft. Lost in transit isn’t a word we’re familiar with.

Personal items. Items such as memorial gifts, antiques, important legal documents, or even life-saving medicines need to be handled with utmost care. Delivery of such items using on-board courier solutions is a secure way to transport personal items in their original condition.

Although there are countless other benefits of using reliable on-board couriers, Banner Logistics fully optimised couriering process ensures that from the initial time of contact to successful delivery of your items, we’ll provide better On-Board Courier Services delivering worldwide.

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