Packing Parcels for Couriering

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  • Aug 25, 2022
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Packing Parcels for Couriering

There are many scenarios where experienced couriers are better suited to transport items. Especially businesses manufacturing products or consumers sending expensive items across England. Whether you want to send a single item or many items together, you want your parcels to arrive without damage in transit. In this blog post we’re going to share some tips and insights for packing items to be transported by a courier.

Packing Parcels to be Delivered by Couriers

Experienced couriers have in place their own specialised ways of packing items in to transport vehicles. But before you book your shipment, you’ll want to carefully pack your parcel so that it is as secure and sturdy as possible. Since there are many different types of items you can ship with Banner Logistics, we’re going to share the most important aspects of securely packaging your items, be it for:

  • Building Supplies and Landscaping Deliveries
  • Securely Ship Engine Parts. Car Doors. Gearbox
  • Gifts. Jewellery. Electronics. Watches. Smartphones. iPad. Office Supplies
  • Manufactured Products. Medical Deliveries.
  • Individual or Multiple Items or others

Materials Needed for Packing

  • Cardboard box, bubble wrap (paper or newspaper), packaging tape.
  • Businesses may require different type of boxes or pallets to pack large quantities of products

When packing a single item, ensure that there is good enough cushioning inside the main box, bubble wrap or soft clothes work best for this purpose. Basically, make sure that the item is packed so that it doesn’t move around when handled.

Especially true for expensive items, do not worry too much about the size or weight increases due to thoroughly packing your item. Although it may cost little extra to send the parcel, your main aim is to make certain the item is not damaged due to poor insecure packaging.

What About Multiple Items or Large Fragile Items?

When packing multiple items, or fragile items, same principles apply, as in, ensure the items are securely packed, use bubble wrap (or newspaper), and ensure the gap between items are filled with soft material such as void fill foam for packing or bubble wraps.

NOTE: Businesses operating within United Kingdom shipping items to and from Birmingham, Nottingham, Bristol, Manchester can contact Banner Logistics for B2B deliveries to learn how we can assist.


If you visit any of the main airports in England such as Heathrow, or Birmingham Airport, you’d be shocked to find countless lost luggage or hand carry bags because the traveller has forgotten to clearly label their details. To avoid such issues whenever transporting items through courier services sending packages, clearly label the items with required information (for example: sender, destination, attention, fragile etc.).

When sending products for Business-to-Business deliveries, professionally labelling packages speaks volumes in terms of business’s professionalism and reputation. Presentation is absolutely important for any business, accordingly couriered items should also be professionally labelled.

how to pack items for couriering

Ready to Ship?

Now that packages are packed securely, labelled ready for transport, you can add a final layer of wrapping tape around any openings, and also on top of the label (and sender/receiver address information). Depending on the type of item being couriered, you can tape over the package couple of times ensuring that the tape sticks thoroughly.

There is one final step to consider, and that is, hiring experienced couriers in England. Remember, just because someone advertises themselves as a courier doesn’t mean they have the logistics and courier experience required for safe, fully insured, and cost-effective service.

The quickest logistics service Banner Logistics couriers has to offer for Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol, Birmingham deliveries is our same-day couriering option. Simply call 0121 582 2655, or contact us for all next day, same day, multi-drop or international onboard delivery requirements. We ensure your urgent shipment arrives anywhere UK-Wide rapidly.

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