4 Reasons to Choose Same Day Couriers in Birmingham

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  • Nov 17, 2021
    by Banner_logistic

4 Reasons to Choose Same Day Couriers in Birmingham

Sending things has been embedded in the history of mankind, from delivery boys at ancient bazaars, horse-drawn carriages to incredible messenger pigeons of the 1st World War, to modern day same day logistics services nationwide in United Kingdom. There is a constant need to exchange shipments of packages from one person to another and from one business to another.

Throughout the globe not just in England, the amount and scope of deliveries are just mind-boggling to say the least. Ships, airplanes, courier vehicles and freight services that travel miles and miles with impressive speeds each day. In our industry, our valued clients also demand security and efficiency as part of our sameday courier solutions. Today, consumers in UK want to send and receive their parcels much faster, hence, the emergence and also the importance of same-day couriers services.

Same-day couriers, as the name suggests, deliver your parcel the same day when the shipment order is placed within certain time frame (usually before mid-day). Just from this description, you catch a glimpse of how same-day courier services are in high demand in our modern busy lives.

Today, we’re going to briefly detail some important insights about why choosing express same day couriers in Birmingham UK over traditional deliveries for your next package delivery should be sent via Banner Logistics same-day couriers.

How Fast? Superman Fast

Remember your last delivery of a parcel! How long have you waited for that important package? Few days? A week? Waiting too long when you need not, is frustrating.

If you have used a same day courier on the other hand, you may not have wasted valuable time waiting. Yep. One of the main advantages of using a same-day courier is its speed of shipments and deliveries from one place to another.

Some couriers guarantee that your parcel will be delivered within twenty-four-hour period (this is usually called next day couriers) after it has been received. Whereas some same day couriers only ship on specific days (for example: during business days instead of weekends). Regardless of the service provider, same day couriers are usually chosen for time critical shipments because they’ll perform always faster than typical postal and other delivery services. Banner Logistics is ready 24/7 simply call 0121 582 2655 or you can use our modern secure online booking system.

Track Your Parcel Like 007

Today you can track almost anything using technology. Using Android Find My Device? Location services on your smartphone? With same-day couriers, you are also given the convenience of tracking your package. Almost all modern courier companies use order and fleet tracking through applications where you can monitor the progress of the delivery. They also have 24/7 customer service that allows you to follow up on your parcel should need arise. You’ll receive text message verification, along with a tracking link to follow your order all the way to its final destination. James Bond 007 eat your heart out.

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Safety is a Priority

What good is using a courier service if parcels are lost, damaged and in worst case scenarios stolen. Unlike bulk deliveries where some courier companies want to shove in as many boxes to large vans (like getting on a train in peak hour at London Waterloo or Birmingham New Street). Trusted same-day couriers such as Banner Logistics handles packages individually and with care offering added safety to parcels. That means, we handle each parcel as if its fragile package we’re handling, unlike some other couriers we do not dump the parcel carelessly on the back of a truck or a delivery van.

You too can trust the experience of Banner Logistics for ensuring your package is secured, correctly transported and handled with utmost care and due diligence all the way to its designated destination.

Value for Money 

For added convenience, paying for a same-day courier is well worth it. Surely, express shipments are a little bit more pricey compared to standard postal or delivery services. But with the added advantages listed above, most UK citizens do not mind paying a bit more extra for this convenience. You’ll be surprised at cost-effectiveness of our services due to our established processes focusing on providing value for money for all our valued clients (individuals and B2B clients).

UK’s Leading Same Day Courier Specialists. Banner Logistics

When meeting deadlines and safety of your packages are important, you can rely on our well established routes, range of vehicles and courteous courier drivers to get the job done. Banner Logistics is your local courier services always nearby in UK. We are conveniently located in Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Nottingham and Mansfield area offering same day shipments, multi-drop and even on-board international deliveries.

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