Choosing a Courier Service for Same Day Deliveries

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  • Mar 27, 2020
    by Banner_logistic

Choosing a Courier Service for Same Day Deliveries

Choosing a courier services provider in United Kingdom is somewhat a tricky business because you want to be satisfied on a number of fronts, namely quick and safe delivery as well as the ability for online access for tracking, customer support and competitive rates. Fortunately, there are a few time-tested ways that will make sure you find the best same day courier for your budget and type of parcel you want delivered.

Vehicles And Insurance

Granted it is only the medium to large same-day courier companies that have a large vehicle fleet and two-man teams for deliveries means a greater level of service, although shipping rates may be a bit higher, the extra money is worth the spend. Even if your parcels to be delivered are not valuable, two men teams and properly serviced vehicles, as opposed to motorbikes, simply account for a better customer experience.

You want to do a bit of research and ascertain whether your UK courier of choice is adequately insured. Reviews of other clients are always a great resource so make sure you take out a few minutes to pursue through those service providers. Do not make the honest mistake of only going through reviews on the courier’s website itself, use online forums and other review websites (as well as Google maps) that have no reason to hide anything.

Furthermore, only owning a certain amount or type of delivery vehicles is not fully indicative in itself, but rather the cost the company can put aside for hiring drivers, providing 24-hour service, and maintaining the fleet of vehicles.

Flexible and Customer Service Oriented Same Day Courier Company

Regardless of the frequency of deliveries you want delivered, as a customer, you will want to deal with a company that is friendly and accommodating and also has an efficient 24-hour customer helpline system.

Furthermore, picking up parcels from home or work, being reliable deliverers around the holidays, allowing you to electronically sign remotely are all perks of using a courier that wants to put a smile on the customer’s face.

As customers ourselves on daily basis, we all can agree that it is often the smaller things that ensure satisfaction for us as a customer. Is the courier prompt in replies and confirmations, do you get timely notifications, if a parcel should be late are you informed beforehand , are proper receipts given, all of these are all important considerations to find a great sameday courier in UK.

The behavior of the drivers is also a key indicator. Normally, if they are overworked and or underpaid, they will act hurried or be not as courteous. If a same-day courier company has invested enough resources to have professional drivers, drivers then will be more inclined to provide better customer service experience for each customer, making sure they are answering any queries put to them.

How Fragility is Handled by a Courier

If you want to send a cake, you will want a service provider who knows the correct way to wrap it and deliver it, because without it, its very easy to get something that looks like a cake. Same-day couriers are in many cases better trained and more equipped to package items rock solid since they may change hands frequently in a matter of hours (depending on the destination). The overall safety of the parcel is, however, will be better since it is in transit for a shorter period of time and in the case of local or city-wide deliveries, it may only be passed by hand once during loading and packing and once during delivery.

Sameday Courier Service Delivering More Than Parcels

Get in touch with Banner Logistics, UK’s leading courier services provider where service means everything. We provide companies in UK with full range of courier services. Our range of logistics vehicles ensures your items are shipped properly regardless of their size or quantity. Looking for on board courier services, or multi-drop deliveries, or even tailored solutions? Talk with us as we are sure to find the right solution according to your specific shipment requirements.

Whether you are a small sole traders or well established large UK company, you’ll appreciate Banner Logistics industry experience and difference such as our pioneering online booking system, and discounted rates that is designed to put you in control of your business. All our valued customers enjoy many additional benefits, including discounted rates and credit facilities as well. Contact us for exceptional same day courier service.

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