Why UK Consumers Demand Same-Day Courier Services

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  • Oct 19, 2021
    by Banner_logistic

Why UK Consumers Demand Same-Day Courier Services

In the world of business, somethings unexpectedly and steadily creep up as the new normal, for example: using technology such as computers, software program, smartphones and the like.

Changes in business operations usually occurs due to fresh ideas and innovation for productivity. Similarly, somethings also come into operations due to competition amongst the businesses. Now, when we couple supply and demand with recent changes occurring globally, consumers in United Kingdom have been accustomed to faster deliveries, as a result, shift in consumer behaviour (work and shop from home) have taken customer service to a whole new level.

UK’s consumer expectations from the businesses are changing, and businesses have to accommodate consumer demands if they want the customers to be satisfied for repeat business. Same-day delivery of parcels is one such demand.

A lot of traditional courier services throughout UK are already beginning to change their service offering to cater for this demand, realising that without major structural change they will be left behind in the race for faster shipment and deliveries (e.g. next day or same day).

Today, we’re going to explore the million-dollar question "Why do UK consumers prefer and demand same day courier services" as if its now become a love affair.


Drive back in the memory lane, can you remember a time when the feeling of excitement was just wonderful? Perhaps the first bike ride without assistance, or driving your first car without an instructor?

Today, online purchasing has increased exponentially throughout the globe, especially due to the coronavirus grappling with the world particularly our country England.

Now, let’s imagine a person buys a laptop online, he or she could only see the picture of that particular product on the website, but there are still questions about the quality, finishing, and operations. Although we’re not psychologists, its perfectly reasonable to say that the consumer has the feelings of anticipation and excitement. As is the case that consumers are often excited to get a feel of their newly bought products.

When a parcel is not delivered fast (such as by using next day or same day), it leads to anxiety for the purchaser. Was there something wrong with my order, did it go through, was the delivery address correct etc.

Slow arrival of items bought online, usually depletes the purpose of eCommerce online shopping as choices and rapid delivery is thought as default. Same Day deliveries through fast shipment saves the customer from such anxieties and worries. The customer can order and see his or her ordered parcel on the same day (if orders are placed within certain business hours that is). Hence, this is one of the main reasons why UK consumers have fallen in love with same-day courier services.

Speedy Deliveries = Less Time Waiting

As you may have heard the saying “a watched pot never boils”. The wait is something that is disliked by almost everyone. Perhaps you as well, remember that restaurant meal taking too long, or take-away pizza delivery, or waiting in line for too long just for the morning coffee. Same is true for shipments and deliveries, it often seems like the clock has slowed down when one starts to wait for too long.

Just like Brexit we’re now out of European union being a fact, UK consumers really dislike waiting too long for their delivery to be received. How do same-day courier companies such as Banner Logistics cater for such consumer demands? Easy, we already have established technology driven order processing system, streamlined operations and warehouses, wide range of courier fleet, experienced drivers all of which allows us to deliver same day.

Certainty Reliability Convenience

Whether we are talking about B2B or B2C deliveries same-day couriers offers feeling of certainty and professionalism for all stakeholders. In the case of B2B deliveries it builds a strong, trustworthy relationship knowing that the parcels will arrive as promised ‘SAME DAY’.

Reliability is even more important today due to interconnectedness of UK businesses, the need to send or receive important items from one place to another has increased exponentially throughout United Kingdom. Did you know that recent survey data has shown that 60% of online shoppers prefer to have the choice for same-day shipping, and, they don’t mind paying a little extra for same-day deliveries. As you would agree, convenience is important for UK consumers.

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Why Choose Banner Logistics Same Day Couriers

Streamline your shipping requirements using Banner Logistics established operations for same day deliveries. You can send in minutes using your new online booking option, we offer all our valued clients competitive rates for all courier solutions as well as further discounts for business account holders.

We are always ready to serve offering multi-drop, onboard, same day couriers Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Bristol and other locations throughout United Kingdom and other destinations around the World. At its core Banner Logistics offers fast and reliable deliveries.

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