Shipping Packages Sameday with Courier Services

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  • Jul 22, 2022
    by Banner_logistic

Shipping Packages Sameday with Courier Services

We are living in a digital world, and if the numbers are anything to go by, then, E Commerce and online retail is going one way ‘UP’ globally. United Kingdom is leading the way when it comes to purchasing products online. Perhaps this is nothing new in 2022 because uptake of technology using smartphones has been around for few years, and yet, for those operating an online business, finding a reliable courier partner in UK who understands the importance of getting logistics right is critical for your online business success.

There are many mum/dad online retailers operating in England, some offer dropship from multiple locations whereas others sell items on their own websites, and some are choosing to promote other peoples products through affiliate marketing using Amazon services. Regardless of how one may operate in the digital space, when selling products that have to be shipped from different warehouses and multiple locations (for example: Birmingham, Nottingham, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds or London England), then, Banner Logistics as your Shipping partner can solve many challenges regarding logistics side of your business.

Why Same Day Dispatch and Deliveries?

Same-day dispatch and courier service means that the placement of an online order, its shipment and delivery, all take place on the very day the order is confirmed.

Just starting out? Unsure about the type of shipping options you can offer? You have choices because there is ‘standard delivery, priority shipping, express delivery, next-day delivery and same-day delivery’.

Here’s why you should choose express dispatch same day delivery because that is what consumers in United Kingdom want. In fact, studies show that consumers don’t mind paying a bit extra to get their online purchases delivered quickly.

The thought of accomplishing same-day deliveries might be overwhelming for a lot of UK businesses, especially start-ups to online retail. Let us assure that it is not as difficult to achieve and maintain as it may seem (especially when you need shipments to and from Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham or deliveries to and from Birmingham). With the right planning coupled with a reliable courier partner, same-day dispatch and delivery can help your business to compete, grow and thrive.

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How to Fulfil Same-day Couriering?

Being realistic is crucial, your shipping policy must be able to fulfil the delivery times as promised. Firstly, talk to us here 0121 582 2655 at Banner Logistics so that we can identify pickup and drop-offs locations and ideal timeframes for your E-Commerce business deliveries.

As you would agree, over promising may have negative consequences, so thus, if you are in the process of setting up an online E-Commerce business operating in Great Britain consider these insights:

Target specific locations: depending on the type of business you operate, begin offering same day dispatch and delivery only to specific target location. Once again, it is important to focus on targeting only few areas which you could confidently cover efficiently so that no false promises are made to your valued customers.

Decide on a cut-off time: you may decide to ship all the parcels ordered on a particular day all at once, or send them out in smaller batches as orders are confirmed. Regardless of which, you need to set a cut-off time by which an order needs to be completed for same-day deliveries to occur. Clearly state the timeframes on your website or in your shipping policy, for example: orders placed before 12:00 PM will be dispatched and delivered the same day.

Storage Warehouse: having multiple fulfilment centres helps in faster turnaround times for number of different locations. A single warehouse located far away from target location can not send out deliveries in an efficient manner. Although mum/dad businesses working from home can usually not invest in renting multiple fulfilment centres, working with a reliable courier partner such as Banner Logistics will solve the logistics aspects of your online business delivering to UK.

Your New Trusted Couriers

Already established with years of experience, Banner Logistics solves shipping complications by offering fast and reliable same day express courier services. Offering you competitive shipping rates using wide range of vehicles for all your freight needs, all our valued business clients also enjoy further discounts when they create a business account.

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